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Below is a sample of our menus. 

We change our menu regularly to make use of fabulous seasonal produce.

Each crêpe is made fresh to order and in front of our customer so you can change any of our suggestions to suit your taste.

The only limitations is our stock & your imagination!

If you want a particular topping at any event let us know beforehand

and we willl do our best to accommodate.

Savoury Crêpes

Cheddar Cheese with pesto & black pepper

Yorkshire Ham with cheese and Hendersons Relish

Little Mesters  cheese with Bradfield Ale chutney

Spicy Chorizo, cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole, jalapeño and chilli sauce

Garlic Mushrooms, cheese, wilted spinach and walnuts

Moroccan Falafel, red cabbage slaw, edamebean humous, with lemon balsamic dressing and rocket


Sweet Crêpes


Gourmet Crêpes

Chocolate brownie with salted caramel chunks and sauce.

Bakewell Tart with Raspberry Jam and almonds


Blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake

"Banoffee"Banana, biscuits , and toffee sauce and chocolate flake

Rocky Road Chocolate sauce, biscuits, glace cherries and marshmallows

Banana And Nutella

Eton mess with fresh Yorkshire Strawberries



Create your Crêpe 

from a selection of ingredients including 

Nutella, Marshmallows

Fresh Lemon and sugar

Fresh banana 

Fresh strawberries ( in season) 

Maple syrup, Golden syrup,

Milk Chocolate buttons, White Chocolate buttons, 

Biscoff biscuits crumb  

Raspberry Jam, Lemon curd

Selection of sauces 

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